The Vermont Herb Growers Cooperative offers certified organic, Vermont-grown medicinal herbs on a commercial/wholesale scale. Cooperative members are small-scale growers who pride themselves on the quality of care given to each herb crop. Our growing practices mean that each batch of herbs we sell—whether 100 lbs or 1000 lbs—is subject to the same rigorous quality control. This care, coupled with the expertise of Cooperative members and advisors, ensures that the herbs you purchase are among the highest quality on the market today. For the 2016 season, the Cooperative offered 38 different dried herbs; five of which were also offered in their fresh form.

Please contact info@vermontherbcoop.com for further inquiries.

Current in stock and for sale 2016:
Burdock root
Calendula flower
Elecampane root
Nettle leaf
Tulsi leaf
Valerian root
Yellowdock root

Available for 2017 pre-sales: All species listed are available fresh but require a consultation.
Angelica root
Anise hyssop leaf
Ashwaganda root
Black cohosh root
Blue vervain herb
Burdock root
Calendula flower
California poppy herb
Catnip herb
Cayenne fruit
Chamomile flower
Cilantro herb
Dandelion leaf
Dandelion root
Echinacea root
Echinacea tops
Elecampane root
Lemon balm herb
Marshmallow leaf
Marshmallow root
Meadowsweet herb
Motherwort herb
Nettle leaf
Nettle herb
Oats tops
Peppermint leaf
Red clover flower
Red clover herb
Sage leaf
Skullcap herb
Spearmint herb
Spilanthes herb
Thyme leaf
Tulsi herb
Tulsi leaf
Valerian root
Yellow dock root




All of our herbs are certified organic, meet or exceed all federal and state regulations regarding
herbs as medicine, and meet pharmacopeial grade standards.

Please contact the General Manager (info@vermontherbcoop.com) if you are interested in finding out more about our products.